Oh uh, hey.

Hello! My name is Karst, and I am one of those people who probably won’t ever amount to anything significant in life. Things I do include drawing, watching movies, playing video games, and eating food that is bad for me. I like table top RPGs and video games, and am pretty okay with Biology and Chemistry as well. In fact, I have a degree!

I do things like take art commissions and role play, so I have info about my characters and artwork on this site. It’s all just personal and not professional in any way- just a means of keeping everything organized for myself and my friends. Please feel free to browse around, or not, and also take into consideration that this site is a work in progress and is probably all over the place. There IS some NSFW content on this site, but not the art commission info page or any character pages. You have to actually look for it and want it. 😀 And there’s warnings too, if you want to avoid it!

Not sure how you found this place, but thank you for stopping by anyway! <3