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Here are examples and prices for commission work. They’re subject to change based on detail, but these are just the general prices I toss at people who ask. Thanks for stopping by!


I require payment in full and upfront because I have been ripped off way too many times. I do payments several ways, including paypal as a preferred one, and also google wallet. I can also take cash through the mail, though I won’t be responsible for any loss.
If you are nervous about my ability to deliver, you are welcome to pay half for a sketch and pay the other half before completion. That’s fine with me! I’ve gotten stiffed on commissions before, and I don’t want any of my own commissioners to be worried about me running off.


I try to work fast! Right now I have a full time job, so I don’t get a lot of free time to work on art. But I don’t allow myself free time when I have commissions to do! Depending on my work load, I can get you a max time it might take. My general saying is a week per character or background. So a picture with two characters might be two weeks- a picture with three characters and a background might take four weeks. If something catastrophic happens and I take longer, I will tell you! If you are also behind someone else in my queue, you will need to take their picture into consideration as well. If you have a one character piece and someone else has a two character piece, it’ll take about three weeks to have yours done.
I can work with deadlines that won’t kill my soul! Just let me know ahead of time. I may have to add a rushing fee to the price to make up for not eating or sleeping, however. Just ask me, we can work something out!


Rights and all that boring stuff: I have the rights to the art I produce. If you want to print it for your living room wall, that’s fine by me- but if you want to print it to sell it, that’s a huge no no.

Alternate versions: These take a lot of extra time and planning. I can’t do alternate versions without being informed at the beginning that there will be one. Also, I can’t do them for free anymore, because they’ve been killing me.

Changes: I will do minor changes for free at the sketch stage. I will make other changes for free if it’s because *I* missed something. But past the sketch stage, I won’t make changes that aren’t my fault- if you don’t specify or forget a detail, I can’t waste a ton of time working on it for free. Please don’t approve a sketch unless it doesn’t need to be changed. If something absolutely HAS to be changed, I’ll charge for it.

In addition: if you are not specific about the pose and leave it to me, I WILL NOT change the sketch without adding a fee. If you say “looking at the stars” and I draw your character sitting, do not ask me to change the pose to laying down. That’s redrawing the whole thing. Do not ask me to redraw the whole sketch. I will get pissy. It wastes my time. You HAVE to be specific. If you are not specific, you have to accept what you are given. I cannot read minds. I CANNOT READ MINDS.

Editing: Please don’t edit the image without my permission. It just kinda looks bad on everyone, and it’s kind of insulting. If you need to, just ask. I’m easy, seriously. And I don’t mind other people editing my art, as long as they ask. And please don’t take my signature out, it’s so small in the first place.

Posting: You can post your images wherever you want; FA, DA, Tumblr, your bathroom wall. Just credit me if you don’t mind.

References vs. Descriptions: I honestly don’t mind working from descriptions. Not everyone draws, and reference sheets are hard to come by when every artist only ever uses references. I prefer them, but descriptions are okay in simple cases. If the description is ‘Brown and white husky with blue eyes’ that’s easy! But if the description is several paragraphs long…well I’ll try my best, but there will probably be a complexity fee included.

Super detailed things: If the piece has a lot of detail (armor, robots, ten pairs of wings and five heads, etc) there might be a complexity fee. These pieces take longer to get done!

And the golden rule: just like don’t be an asshole, please. It’s so easy. 🙁 

(If there is something else you want, ask me! I’ve done everything from icons to telegram stickers!)
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