Trusted Artists

This is both for my own personal use and to do some advertising for the artists out there who deserve it.
I’ve commissioned a lot of artists and had some pretty good experiences AND some pretty bad experiences. Whenever I provide art in exchange for money, art, items, credits, what have you, I always try to provide the best experience I can- communication, updates, and a proper attitude. These artists listed here have been more than enjoyable to work with! 🙂


Nat on FurAffinity
Raven has been one of my closest friends since 2004- more than half of my life. We’ve known each other since the absolute beginnings of our hobbies, including when we both began to take paid work. Raven is a jack of all trades- she draws humans, animals in both quad and anthros, props, backgrounds, you name it. Her experience with Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai is immense, and she’s even taught me a few things! When it comes to commissions she works fast and efficiently, and will pay attention to detail to make her artwork truly stand out. I have commissioned her, I have collaborated with her, I have traded with her, and have seen art from sketches to reference sheets to adoptables to full scenes. Her style is very unique and beautiful. I would never hesitate to commission Raven.


Spaca on DeviantArt
Spaca is a man of many talents! I first came across this artist when I was searching for someone to do some chibi artwork for me. He offered and I accepted for two reasons: the quality, of course, but also the price. Spaca is very humble and kind, and willing to work as much as he possibly can to get your piece exactly the way you want it- even if it means changing the sketch two or even three times before lines even begin! His style is very unique and expressive, and the way he shades his artwork is simply amazing. He can do effects and details in a way I just can’t describe! He is very good at communication and posts updates along the way to make sure you always know where your piece is. He can draw humans and humanoids, and will also draw animals and ponies!


Avionetca on Twitter
Avionetca is a wonderful and kind artist. She works incredibly hard and takes on a lot of work, with many different options to choose from. That is why she is in such high demand! She designs characters (I purchased Imogen and Valtha’s designs from her) and will draw reference sheets, design weapons and clothing, draw complete scenes, detailed paintings, and even comics (I purchase Vira’s comic from her)! She works fast and does very unique scenes and compositions. She works very hard to constantly improve herself, and she succeeds- she is also very sweet and kind, and patient! I will never stop being a customer of Avionetca’s as long as she will have me. This artist will not disappoint.


Precia-T on DeviantArt
Precia is an artist from Poland who is beautiful inside and out. She is patient and works very hard- when her commissions are open, they sell like hotcakes. She is very helpful with character creation, illustration, wardrobes, and so on. She is very detailed and will capture your character’s personality and show you things you didn’t even know about them! Her communication is very efficient and she will update you about your commissions and work fast to get your commission completed. She also offers a variety of tutorials and helpful information for artists on patreon, or even for free on her DeviantArt. Her character sheets alone are addicting, and her illustrations are inclusive and she goes above and beyond with her ideas.


BloodyArchimedes on DeviantArt
This is an artist with a VERY unique style that can be cute, violent, sexy, anything you can picture it as. He is very talented with expressions, and uses a colorful style with little to no line work. This makes him all the more impressive! I myself rely on lines a lot to show expressions and details, so BA’s work is just all that more incredible. He tends to be quick on turnaround time, and also has VERY reasonable pricing, along with sales every so often! I will always go back to him for art of my characters. Take a look if you want a unique piece with a toony style and very special feel.


MMTheMayo on DeviantArt
Mayo is an artist of many talents, and a very unique coloring and shading style. She is really good at communication and responding promptly to messages as well. You can find a lot of awesome fan art in her gallery, which is a good representation of the sheer variety of her work. She has a great sense of humor and is really easy to work with! Primarily I’ve gotten some outfit designs from her because they are second to -none- as far as I’m concerned. If you need any sort of design, Mayo is the lady to go to! Her prices can’t be beat, her designs are flawless, and she was over all easy and very fun to work with!

PhillyDelphy on FaceBook
PhillyDelphy is really unique. She’s very sweet and well rounded in what she does, but her work is simply incredible. She can draw everything from humans to anthros to outfit designs to objects and complex backgrounds. I started off by getting a reference of Vira, and went from there with other references and pictures. She is a very nice person to work with and has a very useful art queue that you can use to check on your commissions as well, which is updated very frequently. Her attention to detail is fantastic, and she will make your character look very unique and comfortable in their own body! I will always go back to this artist for reference sheets and any other art I can get.